Koala Kare KB120SM-02 10 Booster Buddies w/Small Stand – Black


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The Koala Kare KB120SM02 is for a set of 10 Booster Buddy booster seats in black with a small stand. They're perfect for restaurants, theaters, beauty salons, food courts and anywhere children might need a little boost when sitting. These Booster Buddies feature dual seating, providing a 6" boost on one side and a 4" lift on the other. This makes it useful for children of many heights and ages. Koala Kare by Bobrick Booster Buddies are very simple to clean booster seats. They're crafted from a resilient polyethylene material that is water proof, making it easy to wipe and sanitize. It's made in a seamless design, which reduces corners and crannies that can trap in food and drink. The large stand included in this order holds up to 10 Booster Buddies. These booster seats feature a handle that allows them to hook easily into this holder. This provides convenient, outoftheway storage when not in use. This handle also makes the booster seat easy to carry around. Other convenient features include builtin cup and snack holders that help prevent messes. Both sides of the seat have rubber feat that help secure the seat wherever it is placed. This order is for a 10 pack of black Booster Buddies with a small stand. These topoftheline Koala Kare booster seats are available in 2 packs and 5 packs without a stand, in addition to deluxe 10 and 25 packs that come with stands. Small and large stands for storage can also be purchased separately.
Stand allows facilities to easily store booster buddies when not in use Holds 10 Booster Buddies