Symprove Original Drink – Pack of 4


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Showing signs of an unbalanced gut? Symprove delivers live, active multi-strains of ?friendly? bacteria to the gut - just where they are needed. It?s totally different to any other multi-strain supplement because of its Unique Delivery System (UDS?). This special delivery system protects the ?beneficial? bacteria from the gastric juices in the digestive tract, where they quickly reach targeted areas of the gut and colonise. Delivered as a water-based barley drink, Symprove Original is non-dairy and gluten-free. It contains 10 billion LIVE colony forming units (CFUs) per 50ml dose. For first-time users of Symprove, some people dislike the natural flavour of barley. If this concerns you, please order Mango & Passion Fruit. Healthcare practitioners recommend first-time users drink a Course of Symprove (3 months), to effectively restore and fully reset balance in the gut. Many people go on to take a maintenance dose (half dose) as part of their daily diet. Dairy drinking yoghurts (found in supermarkets), trigger digestion in the stomach which produces a lot of acid. This starts to ?attack? the beneficial bacteria as part of the digestive process and they become weakened or are destroyed. Freeze-dried bacteria supplements such as capsules or powders have different challenges. These live bacteria are subject to extremely cold temperatures (around -80?C), to turn them into capsules or powder, and many die in the process. Those that survive need to rehydrate before the bacteria are revived and can start work. This takes several hours whilst they travel down your digestive tract. Once the surviving freeze-dried bacteria become active, many of them will have passed beyond the areas of the gut where they are needed, and pass out in your stools. Store Symprove at ambient temperature. Once open, pop in the fridge.